Project Number  : 2011-1-TR1-LEO04-24232 1
Action : Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships
Project Title  : European Dentists Make Evidence Based Decisions
Project Acronym : e-viDENT

Dental practitioner is a person qualified to practice dentistry. Most dental practitioners’ objective is to treat patients using the appropriate treatment alternatives. However the growing body of scientific information and the advances in dental technology, burdens the dentists to make wise and evidence based decisions. Most of the dentists are lack of knowledge and skills for reading, selecting scientific evidence. Although there is some understanding, the concept of evidence based dentistry is not well known or practiced regularly. When faced with clinical uncertainties 60% of dental practitioners turns to colleagues for help and advice. Again although most of the current undergraduate education is inconsistent with the current evidence and outdated, many dentists rely on what was taught during the undergraduate dental education instead of keeping up with the current best evidence coming from the methodologically acceptable high quality scientific papers. Teaching the concept of evidence based dentistry, teaching the techniques, motivate dentists to practice and implement it to their clinical decisions is very important.

This project is aimed to develop strategies on raising awareness of dental professionals on the concept of evidence based dentistry and to teach them the practical tools and sources of evidence, that could be incorporated to their clinical practice for improving the quality and effectiveness of dental care.

In a period of 2 years, partners will discuss the obstacles in implementation of evidence based dentistry to clinical practice, put forward strategies to raise awareness.  An e-learning course content, book and CD will be produced for self directed learning. Letters, media articles, reports will be prepared to raise awareness.

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