P1 - Gazi University

Gazi University faculty of Dentistry (GUFD) dates back to 1968. GUFD comprised of Clinical Sciences Departments and carries out its educational activites with 93 academic staff and 137 PhD students , and 465 undergraduate students. GUFD has had over 3000 graduates.
Partner 1 (coordinator) has been highly involved in introducing evidence based dentistry in the country since the concept is poorly understood and appreciated. Considering the amount of dental schools, dental students and dental practitioners in Turkey, the great need to produce awareness on this issue urged to coordinate of this project.

P2 - Steinbeis Transfer Institut Biotechnology in Interdisciplinary Dentistry

The Curriculum “Interdisciplinary Dentistry” at BID emphasis a wide and open minded approach to the stomatognathic system and involved disciplines. This Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Dentistry course is based on the practical demands in daily practice, based on a profound theoretical knowledge and embedded in a contemporary scientific overview. The program is intended for university graduates in Dentistry and Dental Technicians. The objective of the program is to qualify participants in deep understanding in the complex field of Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Dentistry, a fundamental knowledge of Occlusion and functional rehabilitation of Occlusion. Graduates of the program acquire the knowledge necessary to perform diagnostic procedures, case analyses, treatment planning and treatment at international level.

P3 - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, within the School for Dentistry/Oral Pathology and Maxillofacial Surgery. Staff: 3 full professors, 1 postdoc FWO, 5 PhD's, 22 trainees
Partner 3 conducted common research with Belgian Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, entitled "Obstacles to Implementing Evidence Based Dentistry: A focus group based study" published in Journal of Dental Education 72(6): 736-744, 2008. Have a thorough understanding in the obstacles that could lead to brief and concrete solutions. Still have relations with the Belgian Branch of Cochrane Collaboration. Cochrane Collaboration is the unique and non-profit web based source of evidence based dentistry and medicine.

P4 - Helsingin yliopisto (HY)

The Institute of Dentistry was founded in 1892 and is the leading dental research and education institute in Finland. The Institute is in charge of dental research and higher dental education, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including continuing education. The dental curriculum at the University of Helsinki was among the first in Europe to be assessed and accredited by the European Union DENTED (dental education) programme in 1999. Members of its academic staff have assisted other European dental schools standardizing dental education on this continent.
Being highly experienced in evidence based dentistry and reflecting previous experiences in many European Dental Schools, this partner will have a great contribution to the project.

P5 - Turkish Dental Association

Turkish Dental Association entered into a long-termed endeavor for this aim following its establishment; and has become a prestigious professional organization well known with its mission and international relations, both in its region and in the globe. On behalf of our country, in order to reach our target which we have determined, Turkish Dental Association has taken a leading role by improving the unity and by displaying the conjugate movement decision with Dental Faculties, Scientific Dental Societies, Dental Equipment Industrialist and Businessmen Society and Dental Technicians Chambers, who are the components of our profession. In this context, besides its active memberships in FDI and ERO, Turkish Dental Association continues its highest-level professional solidarity with many countries.
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